Gamification in Sportsbooks

Gamification refers to the use and integration of interactive elements of games or activities including competition, points, and rules with other activities. Gamification has been introduced largely as an online marketing technique. Gamification is a way to encourage user and customer engagement with both the company/organization and the product or service.

These elements of gamification are now used also in the iGaming industry, so the result is basically a gamified game. Probably the leader of gamification in the industry is Hero Gaming, the company behind Casino Heroes and Betser. These two brands are pure gamification and put Hero Gaming on the edge of innovation.

Gamification is becoming more widespread in various sectors and industries. A study done by a company offering online sports betting resulted in the introduction of gamification to sports betting and sportsbook solutions. The company sought to increase user engagement with their site and their offerings and came to the conclusion that gamification was an ideal way to do so. Many sportsbook solutions and sport betting websites look similar and have extremely similar offerings, thus making it hard to develop or maintain any sort of competitive edge. The industry is also extremely unique in many ways and thus marketing strategies become difficult to develop and implement.

Gamification is a light and fun way of reaching an audience and for sportsbook solutions to introduce features and appeal. The games are usually accessible by computer and on mobile devices as well. The interesting part about gamification and the appeal to industries that are looking to extend their reach is the idea that these games appeal to new and unexpected customers and users. There are challenges associated with this however, in that the games need to then be created in a universal way so that they are customized to the brand and the sportsbook solution but broad and universal enough to be played by those all over the world and of different age groups. The ultimate end goal of introducing this gamification to sportsbook users is to help online sportsbooks and sportsbook solutions differentiate themselves and help their brand reach its maximum potential.

There are many ways to introduce the concept of gamification to online sportsbooks. One way that has proven successful is a quiz style game or activity. This could be introduced at the beginning, end or at half time or any breaks in the game. A quiz feature would allow users to answer questions related to the relevant sport and compete against other users. They could then compare their answers with others and obtain points for the right answers and for their wins against others. Another example of gamification in sportsbooks is through introducing ways to see who is actually better at betting. This involves predicting final scores, numbers of penalties for certain players or whole teams, etc. These are simply two examples of gamification integration into online sportsbooks that have proven successful and as gamification gains momentum in the industry, different sportsbooks will continuously find new ways to incorporate gamification to their offerings.

In essence, the idea and principles of gamification are based on the idea and desire to create and maintain a long-term relationship between a user and a product. In the online sportsbook and sport betting industry, the organizations are looking not only to retain their existing users but to draw new users and to develop a competitive edge. This long term relationship is developed by enticing and using different meta games that will appeal the typical users and unexpected users as well. Sportsbook users can integrate the games into halftime activities or into the games and thus users will associate the sport or sports of their choice with these games and will be excited to visit and interact with the online sportsbook. The physical interaction will enhance the focus and attention given, making this gamification not only a good way to differentiate ones brand but also an extremely effective marketing technique. Loyalty and longevity will become key characteristics of users as a result.