Balls or Brains? Who are you?

In order to become the wizard of odds, one has to have the brains to built a strong strategy, year by year, whether from winnings or losses and have the courage to continue to unlock the knowledge for sports book betting. This is the reason many consider it a balls and brains game. So much that there’s a new sportsbook site out there, Betser, that built a game within the game, called Balls vs Brains. Depending on your style of betting, you will earn Balls and Brains, that you can then exchange for free bets or free spins.

Even if at the beginning it might look like a fun and simple task, that brings quick money, a lot more effort is needed if you want to constantly win. Knowing many things about sports is not enough, one needs to develop certain skills and to become a profitable bettor for the long term.

Today, millions of people are part of this business, but most of them are not professionals. The history of sports betting has been around for centuries, but a precise moment when it started was not identified. Some consider that it started at the same time with the first sporting event. There is proof that the ancient Greek were betting on sports, but also civilizations before them. Many nations considered it illegal, thus leading to underground betting, but today, there are many places where you can place a legal and regulated wager.

If you consider starting this activity, you should be aware of the risks involved. Even if you are betting for a while, it is good to improve your ability to think analytically.

Fun versus profit

Many bettors follow a team because they are a fan. This works if you want to support your favorite team, but in the long term is not a strategy that will bring a lot of profit. The idea is to focus on the odds than on the emotional attachments. Before placing a bet, you have to look at what experts say, rather than following your heart. Numbers will always prevail.

Focus on a Team or on a Sport

The smartest strategy is to start building on the knowledge you already have. If you know a certain team or a certain sport, continue to learn about them. Research and look at the experts advice before you place a bet. With the time, either if you will win or lose, as you analyze the reasons that brought you to a certain result, you will improve your strategies. If you prefer to wager on a team, make sure you take the time to research each individual player.

In addition, you need to keep an eye on the news about your chosen team or sport. Sometimes, events outside the performance of the players might influence the final score of a match. A classic example is the 2014 NBA LA Clippers vs Warriors match. The favorites, LA Clippers, lost with 21 points in front of Warriors because the owner of the team made public racial comments. The news appeared on the front page of many newspapers and it apparently negatively influenced the performance of the athletes. When you spot this kind of event, you can place a handicap bet on the favorite team, and if they lose, your winnings will be big.

Choose a Bet Type

If you will choose a certain bet and always wager it, it will give you plenty of time to study the betting lines. If you find some irregularities in the betting payouts a certain sports book offers, you will have a better chance of winning. You can profit from these irregularities between the calculated odds, but you will be able to spot them only if you narrow your search to a certain bet type.

You need to choose the best on-line sports book, in order to gain from the odds comparison. Register on two or three best websites. Look up their ranking, read customer review,s and check recommendations of the professionals before choosing a certain sports book.